As we mentioned before in our recent Iron Entry Door Installation Blog, iron doors aren’t perfect. According to the American Society for Testing & Materials, if you can’t see the issue from 10 feet away it is NOT a defect. Below are detailed instructions on how to come up with this conclusion.

  1. Move away from the glass
  2. Stand back 10 feet
  3. Face the glass straight on at 90 degrees
  4. View in daylight but not direct sunlight
  5. Inspect the central 80% portion of the glass

Our custom iron doors are hand loaded and wrapped for protection but it is not uncommon for the doors to suffer some minor scratches in shipping, unloading, and installation. Our custom entry doors are built one at a time, and a certain amount of imperfection is to be expected. Our iron doors are one-of-a-kind works of art and some of the marks add character and authenticity to the door.


You CAN NOT touch up a small area of a powder-coated item with powder. Our custom doors CAN be touched up with a color-matched, two-component polyurethane liquid paint by brush on or spray. The extra layer of paint will be a benefit and will provide even better durability over time.

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