A Word From Our Customers

We invite you to take a look at what our customers and partners are saying about Mississippi Iron Works.

“I absolutely loved working with this company. They did everything they said, when they said they would do it. The finished product is lovely. Great work.”
– S. Conley
“Thanks again and let everyone know I love the doors and I know my husband would have liked them too. At least he knows me and my mother are safe here now with these new doors.”
– S. Simmons
“I am a senior citizen that used Mississippi Iron Works to secure my doors and windows in my larger, rural home. It made me feel really safe and I was able to rest better. It was worth my investment!

Later, when I decided to “downsize” and move to town, my home did not have secure doors and windows. I lived there 2 1/2 years without really resting and feeling secure. I recently invested in secure doors and windows for my smaller home in town. They are a little different from the doors and windows in my old home and I like them even better. Once more, I am feeling secure and resting much better!”

– V. Givens
“My husband of 56 years passed away two and a half years ago. Living alone, for me, was a big adjustment. I wanted to be active in my church and community but uneasiness crept in involving safety.

Today, after two and a half years, I am counting my blessings. I can attend morning or evening events and know I am coming home to a secure house. In addition to that, I have good vision to the outside through my windows and doors. I can enjoy seeing the birds eat from the feeders and the flowers in bloom.”

– C. Measells
“We recently purchased an entry door from Mississippi Iron Works. The door was designed per our request and as described by the sales person. Everyone involved in the process was courteous and professional. The installers took the time to make sure everything was working properly and they cleaned up when they finished.

We look forward to this door being a welcoming entry to our home for many years to come.”

– M.C. Whitley
We appreciate you standing behind your product and fixing the issues with our front doors. Also, Matt, Deborah, Daniel and Doug assisted and we would like to thank them for their hard work.
– S. M. Pointer
Hello to all of you! Thanks for my key blanks. Still loving how safe I feel thanks to my beautiful doors and thanks also to each of you for the part you play each and everyday! Tanya and Cary are very blessed to have you be a special part of their business. God bless each of you!
– Donna
“My wife and I went to the showroom to pick something out. Three men came out to do the installation, as this was one of the largest doors they had ever installed. They measured everything so well, the door fit like a glove. I was 100% satisfied. My wife loves it too. She likes that the windows are on the inside of the door, making them easier to clean…and if she’s happy, I’m happy!”
- L. Adams
“It is safe and secure, but also, its beautiful. We have a piece of art for our front door.”
- L. Ley
“We live in a subdivision and so we had to get approval from the homeowners association. But Mississippi Iron Works was extremely accommodating. They fit the door perfectly, due to the custom designing, and worked with us to match all the requirements. We like that the doors are secure and look good.”
- J. Roebuck